Nils Wich-Glasen


  • Birthday: September 24, 1994
  • Hometown: Coburg, Bayern, Germany
  • Now Resides: Columbia, SC
  • College: University of South Carolina
  • Stroke: Breastroke & Freestyle
  • Height: 6’4’’


  • NCAA All-American – 200 breaststroke (2018), 100 & 200 Breast (2017), 100 Breast (2016), 200 Breast (2015)
  • SEC Winter Academic Honor Roll all four years
  • Second Team All-SEC all four years
  • CSCAA Scholar All-American all four years
  • 2017 CSCAA Scholar All-American


Nils Wich-Glasen knows the importance of loving your sport and hopes to pass that love along to the swimmers at his clinics. As a young swimmer drove over an hour back and forth each day to get to swim practice and says that, “In Germany, swimming isn’t the most popular sport, so you do it because you love it.” 

Nils is thrilled for the opportunity to teach swimmers through Fitter and faster. His clinics will focus on breaststroke, emphasizing strong techniques and show the swimmers that focusing on starts and pull outs can be a fun way to improve quickly.

“I kind of experienced two different schools of thought being an international swimmer. In Germany, the main take away I got was discipline. I believe discipline is essential to improving in the pool and in life. The main take a way I got in the United States was that you need to be having fun with everything you do.”

Nils is a self-proclaimed swim nerd, but he believes that the swimmers can simultaneously have fun and improve in the sport they love. Nils also focuses on teaching the swimmers how to stay loose and mentally relaxed. He himself has gone through rough patches in his swimming career and is able to give out helpful suggestions on how he overcame his plateaus.

 Nils points out that he can teach the swimmers a lot of valuable information at his clinics but he highly recommends that the swimmers write down what they’ve learned before leaving for the day. If they do this, they can continuously look back at the ideas and implement what they learned everyday in practice at their home pools.

If you’re looking for a fun-loving swim nerd, Nils is your guy. Book Nils for a clinic today.

Nils’ Reviews

“[Nils] was not only an incredible swimmer, he was a great teacher. He was very engaging with the kids, answered all of their questions, he watched and critiqued their form and technique. My kids will definitely be returning to this program.” – Staten Island, NY

“Nils is engaging, approachable, and knowledgeable. He provides swimmers with drills they can apply to their daily routines, ensuring an exponential return for each hour spent at his clinic. He was able to give individual feedback where possible and swiftly adjust to swimmers of all levels. My daughter (AAA time standards) came away with a clear sense of how she can improve. Highly recommended!” – Staten Island, NY

“Nils was just a phenomenal clinician. He was incredible with the kids, offering tons of positive reinforcement. If the swimmer needed correction, he approached it in such a constructive way that EVERY swimmer in the pool benefitted. He spoke to them about everything from nutrition to college majors! The parents were beyond impressed with his professionalism and his knowledge. It was an absolute pleasure welcoming him into our swim community. Thank you for sharing him with us!” – Janel in Staten Island, NY