Lizzi Smith


  • Birthday: 06/26/96
  • Height: 5’5”
  • Hometown: Muncie, IN
  • Club Team: Nitro Swim Team


  • 2x Paralympian (2016, 2020)
  • 3x Paralympic Medalist 6x World Championships medalist
  • Indiana Swimming Hall of Fame inductee


Lizzi Smith builds trust with young swimmers by being vulnerable and opening her clinics with her story. Lizzi is a Paralympic swimmer who was born with one hand. She says, “I spent a lot of my childhood hiding my arm and wanting to just blend in. Swimming has taught me to take pride in my body for how capable it is. In swimming, I found an outlet for my insecurities.” 

Known for her powerful dolphin kick, Lizzi specializes in backstroke, butterfly, and freestyle. She shares with clinic participants her experience as a three-time Paralympic medalist and six-time World Championship medalist, acknowledging that her path to elite swimming may differ from someone else’s. She says “There is no universal formula for success and that’s awesome because through swimming you can create your own adventure.” For instance, swimming has allowed Lizzi to travel the world, “Because of swimming, I’ve been able to travel the world. In the twenty years I’ve been swimming, I’ve visited twenty countries.” 

Lizzi makes Fitter & Faster camps fun by incorporating visualization skills and even a bit of silliness. “When teaching a skill like underwaters, I want participants to wait one second off the wall before they start their kick, so I’ll tell them to say “hot dog” in their mind. They think it’s funny, but then they nail the drill.” Visualization can help build confidence in an athlete’s ability to perform certain skills under pressure, like their next race.

One of the most important lessons that she wants to pass down to the next generation of swimmers is to embrace what makes you different, “It’s your superpower that no one else can replicate!”  

Reviews from Lizzi's Camps

“Both Clark and Lizzi were very effective clinicians and had a very positive energy and kind demeanor.” – Austin, TX November 2022 

The camp was fantastic! Lizzi and Clark did a phenomenal job executing everything and communicating clearly. All 3 of my kids learned so many new things! We’d love another camp in Austin! – Austin, TX November 2022

Patrick and Lizzi were fantastic with my son. They gave him invaluable personal attention that he needed in order to improve his technique. Lizzie also demonstrated proper flip turn skills in the water which allowed my son to learn how each move he makes in the water can either hurt his times or make him faster. – Portland, TX March 2022