Kendyl Stewart


Birthday: August 17, 1994
Height: 5’11”
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
School: University of Southern California


National Team Member 
NCAA All-American
Three-time Olympic Trials Qualifier (3rd in 100 fly in 2016)
2019 Pan-American Games Gold Medalist (100 fly)


Kendyl Stewart’s name has been circulating in the swim community for almost a decade now. While her accomplishments range from representing Team USA on the international stage to gracing the glossy pages of ESPN The Magazine, Kendyl was once just like you–literally.

I remember when I was a 10&U swimmer attending clinics put on by Amanda Beard, Josh Davis, Lenny Krazelburg & Brooke Bennett, and the impact that they had on my excitement to get to swim practice every day. Being in a position to pass on what I have learned from swimming and to teach young swimmers tools for their own success is a full circle moment and a dream come true.

This passion is self-evident the minute Kendyl steps on deck. Hoping to shatter the monotony of the daily grind, Kendyl works tirelessly to offer participants a fresh and fun experience, one that they can revisit when things start to feel stale.

I have had the most fun, and therefore most success, when I find a change of perspective- whether that be changing my training environment, or trying a different drill, or asking a teammate to give me some tips instead of my coach. I have had the most success under coaches who are creative in the practices and drills they give- so I try to keep it fun and different as well.

Emphasizing the butterfly chest press along with the importance of establishing a breathing pattern, Kendyl likes to help each swimmer tackle their race plan head on. While Kendyl is quick to pass down tips from her many storied coaches, she’s also a believer in an individualized approach, one in which she diagnoses small errors in stroke execution to formulate unique solutions. An expert at breaking down stroke mechanics, Kendyl is known to provide simple explanations that work to correct a variety of common issues. Whether it’s employing one of her many techniques for keeping the hips up (especially in the last 25 of the 100 fly), or how to maximize underwaters, Kendyl has the answer!

Despite her bottomless knowledge, Kendyl recognizes that there is much more to the sport than just technique. Having learned to take a step back and re-prioritize throughout her career, Kendyl hopes to promote a healthy relationship with the sport.

I always prioritize my love of the water. Swimming is a tough sport! It has given me my most cherished opportunities and relationships in my life, but has also tried me mentally more than anything else. It is a lot of work to put into something that you are not 100% passionate about, and it is okay if that passion comes and goes! Prioritizing my mental health and happiness as a person, and not just an athlete, has been important to me. I attribute my longevity in the sport to keeping a ‘work-life balance.’

Kendyl sees herself in all of her students, so it’s time to see yourself in an elite champion like Kendyl! Learn from someone who has achieved the things you aspire to, and sign up for a clinic with Kendyl today!