Joao Mescolote


  • Birthday: April 16, 1996 
  • Height: 6’0”
  • Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • College: Louisiana State University


  • Three-time Brazilian Olympic Trials qualifier (2012, 2016, 2021)
  • Multi-time Brazilian national medalist
  • LSU record holder


Joao Mescolote attributes his success in swimming’s sprint races to his mastery of technical elements such as starts, turns, and underwaters. Joao says, “I wasn’t the tallest or strongest guy, and had to become the best in the small details to have a shot at winning sprint events.” Joao also attributes his success in the pool to his dedication outside the pool and teaches Fitter & Faster camp participants how to properly condition, fuel, and rest their bodies. Joao aims to provide young swimmers with the skills to make adjustments at their next practice and the confidence to apply those refinements, enabling them to drop time in their next race!

Joao is a Graduate Assistant Swimming Coach at Ball State University, studying Sports Administration. He stresses the importance of mindset and race strategy. “I’ve been working with the team on race strategy; it’s an untapped area of swimming. For example, I’m working with the mid-distance group to be patient, but aggressive” says Mescolote. He takes this skill into his Fitter & Faster camps, teaching participants how to mentally prepare for a race and develop a race strategy. 

Grateful for the opportunities swimming has afforded him, Joao says, “Because of swimming, I have been fulfilling a childhood dream, and was able to move to another country and get a scholarship to a major university.” Swimming can open doors for everyone who participates in the sport whether it’s competing at a national level, traveling to new places, or meeting new people. 

Participant Feedback From Joao's Camps

Delaware, OH October 2022 – “Thank you for your patience with each child as well as with all the adults. It was so nice for the coaches to explain the reasons for each drill to the children AND to the adults. My daughter learned so much! She feels more confident in her abilities and knows what she needs to do to improve.”