Izzy Schone


  • Birthdate: June 25, 2002
  • Hometown: McLean, VA
  • Club Team: Machine Aquatics
  • College: Boston College 
  • Coaches: Joe Brinkman, Brian Keane


  • NCSA Qualifier
  • Three-time ACC conference competitor
  • ACC Scholar Athlete


Izzy Schone has been coaching since she was an age group swimmer herself. She began coaching for her summer league team, and has enjoyed working with swimmers of all ages and abilities. Her focus is to make Fitter & Faster swim clinics fun! She says, “I am the swimmer I am today due to my summer swim league experience. I learned that at the end of the day, no matter how competitive the sport can be, it is supposed to be fun.

Izzy credits her coaches with a love for the sport and a desire to pass her enthusiasm for swimming onto the next generation. “There is nothing more rewarding for me to see than young swimmers enjoying the sport. I remember all of the coaches that went out of their way to spend extra time at the pool with me and be more than just a coach, but a mentor.” Izzy’s coaches played a pivotal role in her success at a time when she doubted her future in the sport. She says that for three years she experienced a prolonged plateau. “I was very down; I spoke with one of my coaches about my frustrations, who asked me to trust the process and believe in myself. That conversation helped to change my mindset, and shortly after I qualified for the sectional team.” 

Izzy shares with Fitter & Faster clinic participants the importance of a positive mindset, and encourages them to be their own hype man or woman. She says, “it has taken me almost my entire swimming journey to learn to lean into the mental aspect of swimming. I have learned that how I view my training, coaching, and preparation has a direct correlation to how I ultimately perform. When I started focusing on a positive mindset, I noticed the biggest change in my results!”