Hannah Ferrin


Birthday: July 11, 1991
Height: 5’3”
Hometown: Dallas, TX
School: Southern Methodist University


Finished 15th in the 100 back and 100 butterfly and 16th in the 200 butterfly at 2013 Conference USA Championships 
Named Academic All-WAC
Was a 2009 High School All-America


“That end of the season meet doesn’t define you as an athlete. It’s one meet out of many, and sometimes the timing isn’t there, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be there later,” Hannah Ferrin says, as she remembers the pressures of club swimming.  Having been asked about advice she would give to herself as a young athlete, Hannah didn’t hesitate in her response.

“I was kind of a neurotic swimmer; I was very in my head, and it wasn’t my strength. Now, I can see those characteristics and similarities in younger swimmers, and I try to help them find that balance. Yes, you should absolutely have goals, but in the meantime, it’s important to focus on small things to help you get to the end result. That way, it doesn’t get too overwhelming.”

This ability to empathize is not only a redeeming quality, but a critical component of Hannah’s day job. A high school teacher, Hannah has made it her life mission to connect with younger generations in order to help them reach their truest potentials. In doing so, she has come to recognize the value in understanding the individual.

“Swimming has changed so much, and training has changed so much. I think we have learned that you must maintain that individual identity amongst a group.”

This translates into personalized plans for success, where swimmers are given a space to express their individual goals in order to arrive at a unique blueprint for achieving them.

“I like for participants to think about where they are now, and understand where they want to go. They have to think in the present, and ask themselves, ‘What are my strengths? How do I hone in on those?’”

With experience at every level of coaching, from daycare swim lessons, to high school and club teams, to college and masters programs, Hannah has been a part of many team dynamics. Feeling she “owes it to young people” to impart the wisdom she has accrued, Hannah has taken to the deck.

“Swimming is where most of my opportunities and friends have come from. It’s a lifetime sport, and you have a different value for it at all stages of life. I want everyone to experience it.”

Emphasizing the importance of underwaters and core strength, Hannah likes to break down the fundamental parts of swimming to deliver practical, manageable advice to each participant. According to Hannah, this strategy works for both the macro and micro plans:

“Sometimes, thinking about the end goal can be too big. You have to break things down into goals you want for that particularly race–say, a certain amount of dolphin kicks or a specific breathing pattern. You have to focus on the little things before moving up to the bigger things. If you give 100% effort and stick to that plan, everything will work out.”

Do you want to craft a plan to fulfill your own greatness? Do you want to know the necessary next steps? Sign up for a clinic with Hannah today!