Grant House


  • Birthdate: June 19, 1998
  • Hometown: Melville, Ohio
  • College: Arizona State University
  • Coach: Bob Bowman


  • Junior World Champion
  • Ohio High School Athletic Association 13-time Champion
  • Pac-12 Champion
  • CSCAA All-American


Grant House comes from a family of swimmers; both his mother and father are swim coaches and his older siblings swam in college. He jokes, “I learned to swim by osmosis. I grew up with a crib in the swim facility’s office and a playpen on the pool deck. I was given the choice of whether to swim, and the support of both my immediate family and the team family inspired me to swim.” He credits the strong support system he was surrounded by with helping him reach an elite level in the sport.

With regard to working with age group swimmers, Grant says, “What I enjoy about working with young athletes is their constant, high energy. They often apply themselves, work hard, and go as much as you tell them to and follow instructions to the best of their abilities. It’s really uplifting to see young swimmers start to put the pieces together and gain confidence in the water.

Grant conducts a hands-on Fitter and Faster camp, spending time with participants both in the water and on dryland. He says, “I’m a big believer in show and go, not point and go. I show participants the technique or drill so that they can better understand what it is I’m asking them to do.” Grant says this helps him connect with camp participants, and get the buy-in that is sometimes challenging to come by among age group swimmers.

House attests much of his success in the pool to his habits outside the pool. He shares with camp participants how much nutrition can impact their swims, and teaches them that the fuel they put in their body can be valuable for energy, recovery, and performance. He also shares with camp participants the importance of recovery activities such as stretching and sleep. Finally, he shares affirmations such as the one his mother shared with him every morning. “Do today so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.” This affirmation reminded Grant that hard work, dedication, and good habits both in and out of the pool would help him be competitive in the sport.