Dylan Carter


Birthday: January 30, 1996
Height: 6’3”
Hometown: Santa Clara, California
ISL Team: LA Current
College: University of Southern California


4x NCAA Champion
Trinidad and Tobago National Record Holder
2017 NCAA Silver Medalist in 200 Free
2016 Olympian (23rd in 100 free)
2019 Pan American Games Bronze Medalist (100 back)


“You learn more from your failures than your success.”

It’s hard to imagine an Olympian with four NCAA titles uttering these words, but Dylan Carter says they ring true. In fact, this idea-turned-mantra has manifested itself in a big way throughout Dylan’s life. Just take his introduction to competitive swimming, for example.

“I got into swimming through water polo; most of my friends were playing water polo at the time and I wanted to be involved. It turned out, I was no good at it, and swimming became the natural alternative.”

This “natural alternative” turned out to be much more than a consolation prize, however, as Dylan became the most storied male swimmer in Trinidad and Tobago’s history. Plastered all over the country’s record books, Dylan paved his own way to the top of the sport. His success is not exclusively his own, however, as Dylan has taken his talents to the deck.

I’ve put over 12 years of my life into the sport, and I think that I’ve learned a lot going through the different levels. It would be a waste for me to keep that knowledge to myself. Fitter and Faster gives me a vessel to spread the wisdom I have, and do what I love!

In Dylan’s eyes, disseminating this wisdom to younger swimmers is an obligatory part of being an elite athlete, a true testament to his selflessness as an educator. Encouraging swimmers “not to give up if you’re not the best as an age group swimmer,” Dylan helps athletes tap into their natural abilities while identifying areas that may benefit from extra practice and repetition. Drawing from the most influential teachers in his own life, Dylan prides himself on being particularly attentive.

“One my my biology teachers in high school took the time to ensure I was engaged in the class, and noticed on the days I wasn’t. That’s what kept me honest and engaged.”

Hoping to similarly “keep his swimmers honest,” Dylan likes to maintain a healthy back-and-forth in his clinics, encouraging athletes to take ownership over their own swimming while remaining open to novel ideas and concepts. In addition, Dylan hopes that swimmers will embrace the sport in its entirety; this means refusing to let the fear of failure override curiosity and the eagerness to experiment.

“I have experienced success, failure, and injury throughout my career. These have taught me to teach my athletes to appreciate the ups and downs of the sport.”

To minimize the “downs” that occur with the sport’s inevitable ebb and flow, Dylan tells athletes to “believe in their racing self” as something distinct from their everyday persona. Tapping into this “superhero” version of themselves may be just the boost they need to stave off meet nerves or even practice blues! With a curriculum centered on the “winning mindset, technique, and loving the sport,” you can’t go wrong with a weekend with Dylan.

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