Drew Modrov


  • Hometown: Smithtown, NY 
  • College: Auburn University
  • Coach: Brett Hawke


  • 3-time Olympic Trials Qualifier
  • NCAA Champion
  • NCAA All American

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Drew Modrov has had a successful collegiate and post-collegiate career in sprint freestyle swimming; he swam for Auburn and is now a coach for, and U.S. Masters swimmer representing, Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. Drew’s path to success included a four-year hiatus from the sport between the ages of 11 and 15. He says that his interest in and passion for the sport was reignited by his brother’s experience swimming in college, and he hopes to share his own experience with clinic participants. He says, “My brother came back from college and shared his experience of being on a team and competing at an elite level and it inspired me. I want to share my experience and knowledge of swimming with clinic participants and be an inspiration to them.”

When asked about the key to sprint swimming Drew says, “Sprinting really comes down to training and preparing. When you race, you should have done everything you need to prepare to simply race. Don’t think, just race.” Drew shares this with Fitter & Faster clinic participants, and helps them develop the skills that will help them go into their next race with confidence. One of those skills is awareness of the breath, and how effective breathing techniques, such as exhalation, head position, and breath timing, will improve performance.  

Drew says that swimming in high school, both for his club and high school teams, allowed him to build his own relationship with the sport. He thrived in a club that was the right fit for him, and enjoyed spending time with friends on the high school swim team. He says, “High school swimming unlocked the fun of the sport, as I was able to connect with friends and teammates. That element of fun gave me the motivation to put in the time and effort that was required to reach the level of success that I wanted to achieve in swimming.”

Drew's next swim clinics