Davis Edwards


  • Birthdate: October 13, 2000
  • Hometown: New Orleans, LA
  • Club Team: Nu Wave Swim Club 
  • College: Southern Methodist University
  • Coach: Greg Rhodenbaugh


  • Louisiana State Record Holder 
  • 2020 Olympics Trials Qualifier


Davis Edwards is a Louisiana state record holder in the 200 backstroke and a 2020 Olympics Trials Qualifier in the 400 IM. One may be surprised to find that this level of success came later in his swimming career. Davis likes to talk to Fitter & Faster camp participants about his time as an age group swimmer, saying “I was always the smallest kid in my training group; I wasn’t the fastest and was often overlooked by coaches. I stuck with swimming because I love it. My junior year in high school, I got bigger and stronger and had an amazing breakout year that put me on the map for college recruiting.” Davis tells this story to teach young athletes the virtues of patience and persistence.

When asked what he enjoys about working with Fitter & Faster camp participants, Davis says, “I love watching a concept click with a kid, and then seeing them go out and do it. Kids that are excited about camp, and come to camp with a lot of energy, put a smile on my face.” In his camps, Davis likes to break down strokes into simple components. He makes it a priority to work one on one with camp participants, pulling them aside to talk through what they’re working on and to ensure they have a better understanding of the stroke. “Once it kicks in for a kid, you can see it, and that can have a lasting impact on the trajectory of a swimmer’s career.” 

Aside from hard work and dedication, Davis credits the comradery among teammates for his success in swimming. He says, “Being social and immersed with your teammates makes swimming an enjoyable sport. When you enjoy it, you’re willing to work hard. Find a group of people you love working hard next to.”