Christopher Reid


  • Birthday: January 10, 1996
  • Height: 6’6″
  • Hometown: Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • ISL Team: NY Breakers
  • College: University of Alabama


  • Two-time SEC Champion in the 200 back
  • 2016 Olympian in the 100 backstroke and 400 free relay
  • South African Record Holder in the 100 and 200 back
  • Won the 100-meter backstroke at the South African Olympic Trials 2016


Your search is over.

Christopher Reid, South Africa’s up-and-coming swimmer, is the perfect candidate to teach your clinic! With a deep connection with the sport and a love for sharing his knowledge, he’s able to connect with participants on a fresh level, as he was in their shoes not so long ago.

Although Christopher grew up in the beautiful oceans of a small town in South Africa, the swim community in his area wasn’t the strongest. As early as the second grade, Christopher and his dad were forced to spend hours online searching for the best techniques on all aspects of his strokes.

Christopher’s main coach in the pool and in life was his father. They would go to the pool on weekends or even during the week, and he would always help fix his stroke and formulate an effective plan to properly fuel a growing athlete. Luckily, the two seemed to do something correctly, and the hours of dedication Christopher put into growing as a swimmer paid off. His experience with becoming a student of the sport as a child also helped Christopher see that he wanted to help teach other young swimmers, so they wouldn’t have to struggle as much as he did.  

“I love sharing what I know. I grew up hating swimming, because the community in my area was not too sharp, and there wasn’t that much information available. So, I would spend hours on the internet with my father and look up techniques. And I think it’s very selfish to keep it to myself; I want to share my knowledge so kids don’t have to search too hard to find it.”

The key to success for elite swimmers, according to Christopher,  is having a natural “feel” for the water. He teaches the swimmers crucial drills and techniques to specifically develop this skill in younger swimmers – specifically targeting the arms, legs and feet.

The most crucial principle, however, is to realize that improvement takes time. “If you don’t see results instantly, don’t panic. You get results by an accumulation of the smaller things.” Working on the little details each day leads to great improvement down the road. But Christopher also emphasizes that at the end of the day, you should have fun while doing what you love!

Christopher learned discipline and perseverance through the sport he loves and is thrilled to pass along to the next generation of swimmers his knowledge on the sport. Book Christopher Reid to take your swimming to the next level today!

Participant Feedback From Christopher's Clinics

“[The clinicians] were fun. Christopher Reid was very genuine, and both were very talented and good at explaining techniques and drills. We will be following their careers!” Therese, from El Dorado, AR