Chris Morgan


  • Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
  • Club Team: Gator Swim Club, Boston, MA
  • College: University of California Davis


  • Northern California Athletic Conference Champion
  • Head Coach of the 2008 Swiss National Olympic Team
  • Assistant Coach at Stanford and Harvard Universities
  • Organizer of two annual open water swims in Gloucester, Massachusetts 


Chris Morgan is a professional pool and open water coach who has led collegiate and national team swimmers to success. As head coach of the Swiss National Team at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, Chris was able to fulfill a dream.  “Because of swimming, I was able to reach my ultimate goal of going to the Olympic Games. In 2008, I represented Switzerland. Our team captain Dominik Meichtry reached the Olympic Final of the 200 freestyle and placed 6th.” His considerable experience coaching makes him uniquely qualified to lead Fitter & Faster swim camps.

While Chris has had success working with collegiate and national team swimmers, he enjoys working with age group swimmers and says that leading Fitter & Faster camps is a way to give back to the swim community. “I want to give back the passion that all of my mentors and athletes have given and shown me over the years!” Through his experience, Chris has gained an immense amount of knowledge about the sport, and the camps give him an opportunity to share it. He says, “Kids come into the camps and are sponges; they’re there to learn. Camps give me the opportunity to be more three, or even four, dimensional. Participants hear the stories, see the demonstration, and perform the drill. They can’t get that from watching a video demonstration online.”

Teaching camp participants that dedication and tenacity is essential for success in swimming, Chris says, “Failures are the pathway to success. The more we can stumble, the more we can get up…look at a challenge head on and find a way to succeed.”