Brett Pinfold


  • Age: 27
  • Hometown: Sugar Land, TX
  • College: University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Coach: Jason Calanog
  • Instagram: @BrettSwims2


  • 3rd at 100 IM SCM at ISL
  • 2021 Olympic Trials Finalist in the 100 Free
  • 2021 Olympic Trials Finalist in the 100 Back
  • 2017 NCAA Finalist in the 200 Free


Brett Pinfold has been swimming since he was 5 years old! At 9 years old, he started year-round swimming on the First Colony swim team, where he trained with Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Manuel! Brett swam on First Colony Swim Team until he moved to Madison, WI, to train as a Badger at the University of Wisconsin. During his time at Wisconsin, Brett made the 2017 NCAA’s, where he placed 8th overall in the 200 freestyle!

In 2017, Brett decided to retire after the 2017 US World Championship Trials. After that, he moved back to Houston and started a job as an Information Technology System Administrator until 2019. But, the itch to continue to compete was still there!

Brett wasn’t done with the sport; he decided to compete in the ISL on the LA Current and shoot for the 2021 US Olympic Trials, where he placed 7th in the 100 Free and 17th in the 100 Back!

Brett is now retired and is a real estate agent and getting his private pilot license!

As a clinician, Brett says, “The sport gave me so much, and I want the next generation to have just as I have much or more from the sport!”. Brett knows not only the mechanics and technical skills of swimming but understands the mental side as well. He understands the grind, how to build confidence, have fun and compete and will transfer all that knowledge he learned over his career to his swimmers.

Two pieces of advice that Brett has learned during his career that he works to instill on his swimmers is:
-> Make sure you are coachable. You need to make sure you are listening and trying to do what your coach tells you to do! Make sure you are consistent as well”
-> “Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.”

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