Brett Fraser


  • Birthday: August 28, 1989
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Hometown: George Town, Cayman Islands
  • College:  University of Florida
  • Coach: Greg Troy


  • Flag-bearer for the Cayman Islands at 2012 Summer Olympics, where he competed in the 50 m,
    100 m, and 200 m free events
  • Gold medalist in 200 m free at 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Silver medalist in 200 m free and 200m back at the 2010 Central American and Caribbean
  • Two-time NCAA champion


Whether you spot him in his collared shirt or swimsuit, you’re guaranteed to find Brett Fraser working to make a difference. By day, you can catch him in his office chair seeking investment opportunities, particularly those that “promise to give back to the community or provide hope for a better future.” You can just as easily find him in the pool, where Brett hopes to accomplish similar goals in forming the next generation of athletes.

“I partnered with Fitter and Faster because I like to associate myself with programs that give back, strive for excellence, and positively impact the surrounding community.”

This level of passion is nothing new for Brett, who discovered his natural affinity for the water at an early age. Growing up in the Cayman Islands, Brett says he spent most of his childhood with the ocean as his backyard, where he and his brother fell in love with swimming. This childhood passion blossomed into an elite competitive career, one that has been critical in shaping him as a coach and mentor.

“I’ve undergone rigorous training and competed in high-pressure, international competitions. I know what it takes to succeed because of my experience at the Division I and elite levels, and I’m also aware of the mistakes I’ve made along the way.”

This wisdom makes Brett a triple threat when it comes to teaching, with his success in both pool and open-water competitions adding to his athletic resume. It’s not the long list of accolades that makes Brett special as an instructor, however, but his innate ability to empathize and connect with participants.

“I distinctly remember being a young swimmer, and I know how important it is to receive that quality basic training. I live for the instant gratification of seeing my students improve upon their swimming abilities, and I want to see them leave with more positive attitudes towards training and the sport.”

Brett accomplishes this using a flexible teaching style in which he assesses each of his swimmers carefully, adjusting each person’s clinic based off of their specific needs. Using this bottom-up approach, Brett addresses the most pressing technical issues within the group before moving to general critiques and race strategies. Having learned from the best, Brett possesses a highly-trained eye that can spot even the subtlest technical errors.

“My personal ‘aha’ moment occurred when I corrected the catch in my freestyle. I watched videos and other elite swimmers, and then I implemented that change practice after practice. The smallest things can make the biggest differences.”

Under Brett’s tutelage, your swimmer is certain to come away with a sharpened skill set and improved racing ability. As a versatile swimmer himself, Brett has expertise in all four strokes as well as sprint and mid-distance races. With his passion for people and broader goal to enact change, Brett is easily one of the most valuable and inspiring members of the swimming community.

Do you want to enrich your experience within the sport while shaving seconds off your best times? Sign up for a clinic with Brett today!