Austin Katz


  • Birthday: March 19, 1999  
  • Hometown: Sarasota, FL 
  • Club Team: Sarasota Sharks
  • College: University of Texas


  • American Record Holder
  • NCAA Champion
  • World University Games gold medalist
  • Pac Pan bronze medalist
  • 2020 USA Olympic Trials qualifier


Austin Katz has had a successful career as a backstroker and is an American Record Holder, NCAA Champion, and medalist in many international competitions representing Team USA. He acknowledges that swimming requires dedication and a strong work ethic, and that making the experience enjoyable leads to longevity in the sport. 

Austin shares with Fitter & Faster camp participants that “It’s imperative that you find moments to enjoy, even when it’s tough; enjoy time with teammates, enjoy the water. If you’re not having fun, it’s going to be a steeper climb to drop time in the pool.” Austin makes Fitter & Faster camps fun and reminds young athletes to take that fun into their training. 

Austin helps camp participants realize their natural strengths and how to use those strengths to their advantage. He says, “I like to figure out how a young athlete swims, and tailor the instruction to them.” By teaching camp participants how to use their natural strengths, they may move more efficiently through the water and make optimal use of their energy, allowing them to swim faster with less effort.

Crediting swimming for making him the person he is today, Austin says, “It’s important to have a goal and to strive for it. Swimming has made me someone who cares about what I do, and who wants to be the best at what I do.” He shares this with clinic participants with the goal that they take ownership of their swimming and strive to reach their goals in and out of the pool through hard work, dedication, and of course, fun.

Participant Feedback From Austin's Camps

The aptitude of the coaches made this a great clinic. They were engaging, knowledgeable, and deeply experienced. Cumulatively, they had good energy that balanced each other.” – August 2022 Irvine, CA

Thank you all for the genuine interest in teaching the swimmers. It was not mechanical at all! My daughter loved it and was brave enough to ask for tips after the second day. Proud day!” – August 2022 Irvine, CA

Honestly, I was so pleased with the way the clinicians were able to connect with the younger kiddos! With younger swimmers it’s normally tough to keep them engaged and connected. They were awesome and my daughter was able to retain what she learned! They were awesome!” – Las Vegas September 2022