Andrew Abeysinghe


  • Birthday: March 28, 1991  
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Hometown: Hazelton, PA 
  • Club Team: Dayton Raiders
  • College: Clemson University


  • Sri Lankan individual national record holder
  • Sri Lankan relay team national record holder (with three younger brothers)
  • Three-time ACC finalist


For Andrew Abeysinghe, swimming is a family affair. Andrew’s father, who was his first coach, introduced him and his three younger brothers to swimming to be water safe, and they were hooked and went on to swim competitively. Andrew says, “From the moment my brothers and I joined the sport, we were surrounded by knowledgeable people who wanted to share their passion for the sport.” 

Andrew is enthusiastic about sharing the vast amount of knowledge he has about the sport, and believes Fitter & Faster camps are a wonderful outlet to do so. He says, “What we’re able to do with our platform at Fitter & Faster lends credibility to the work the kids do with their club coach. Sometimes it takes another voice for things to click, and I see that, in real time, during the camps.” 

 Andrew likes to make Fitter & Faster camps an interactive experience, and believes that input from the athlete is as important as direction from the coach. “I had the good fortune of great age group coaches, and they all shared the same philosophy; they made swimming a cooperative process.” With today’s access to information, young athletes want to understand why they’re doing a particular drill or set, and Andrew strives to work with swimmers to help them understand the rationale behind what they’re doing, rather than simply telling them what to do. Andrew challenges camp participants to meet him halfway, saying “How can we work together? Swimmers can get better and I can become a better coach.”