Amy Bilquist


  • Birthday: August 11, 1997
  • Height: 6’ 2’’ 
  • ISL Team: DC Tridents
  • College: University of California-Berkeley
  • Coach: Teri McKeever


  • 2x individual Pac-12 champion and a 10+ relay Pac-12 champion
  • 5x national champion in relays
  • National runner up in the 100 back
  • Took 3rd place at the 2016 Olympic Trials in the 100 back
  • Member of the 2015-16 U.S. National Team


Amy Bilquist has loved the water since the day she was born. Growing up in Arizona, her parents wanted her to be safe in and near the water, so she was bobbing along at age two and in swim lessons by three, thus beginning her life-long love of the water. Amy’s love and dedication to swimming and coaching make her the perfect choice for your next Fitter and Faster clinic.

In her clinics, Amy will emphasize that, while all swimmers have slightly different strokes, everyone still needs to prioritize their strong catch and powerful kick. She will help her students figure out what works best for their body and demonstrate how to get the ultimate feel for the water through their catch, primarily focusing on freestyle and backstroke.

Swimming has taught Amy to never give up on herself, and she wants to help young swimmers see that their coaches, teammates, and families will be there to support them, but also that it’s important to believe in themselves, because they are the ones making the laps count.

“I want the swimmers to be more confident in themselves and their swimming capabilities. I want them to have fun and to learn at least one new thing, or ten new things,” says Amy.

Amy wants swimmers to come into her clinics with an open mind and a pencil and paper to write down all they learn so they can look back on the experience days, weeks or months later and remember what they learned.

“There’s always something new to learn with swimming. I learn something new every day about how my body works or better recovery methods. I want swimmers to be sponges and absorb it all.”

But don’t worry, your swimmers will have plenty of fun while learning! Amy lives by the motto that “A happy swimmer is a fast swimmer.”

“This sport needs to be fun. To get better you need to enjoy swimming, you can be as good as you want but you need to have fun to make it fulfilling.”

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Participant Feedback From Aly's Clinics

“Sam and Amy were awesome – so personable and approachable!” -Nicole, from Crystal Lake, IL

“Good luck to Amy Bilquist in her journey to the 2020 Olympics! We enjoyed listening to [Sam and Amy’s] stories and advice, as well as their drills. Sunday was great, with the clinicians being invested in the swimmers and losing track of time, making the clinic longer!” –Megan, from Portland, OR