I’ve held off on writing a review until now in order to better evaluate the advice given. I can honestly say now that this camp made a huge difference in my son’s swimming. He dropped time in his breast stroke immediately following the clinic, but the real tangible results showed today. He’d been making small time improvements and inching his way towards his Great Lakes Zone cut, but today I finally had the opportunity to be on deck with him before his races (I’m not a coach). This gave me the opportunity to remind him about Kristi’s “free speed” advice on his turns. He finally put it all together and not only made his Zone cut, but obliterated his previous best by 1.77 seconds! Had he not gone to the camp, and had I not been allowed to participate in it with him, I’m honestly not sure if he would have made Zones. Thank you for a fantastic experience! Thank you Kristi for helping Noah achieve his dreams!!

  • Bay City, MI
  • Feb. 16, 2020