My 10 year old daughter attended freestyle clinic by Gary Hall Jr and Kim Vandenberg on 12/28/2019 & 12/29/2019 in Irvine California. Freestyle is somehow her weakest stroke even though that is the stroke they practice the most. She enjoyed all the tips and stories from Gary and Kim. She especially enjoyed that they both at one point just a normal young swimmers like her. After the clinic, her coaches noticed her technics had improved quite a bit during the practice. Since then, she continues to drop times on all freestyle events (50, 100, 200) at competitions! From the clinic to the most recent competitions on the weekend of February 22nd, she dropped over 2 seconds on 50 free, 5 seconds on 100 free and 12 seconds on 200 free! Both 100 and 200 free made it to the National A times! Now the freestyle became her best stroke! She is hoping Fitter and Faster will come back to Irvine for the other strokes! Thank you Gary and Kim and Fitter & Faster for such an amazing clinic!