My children were inspired by your stories. They learned so much from the drills and was able to practice the new skills with the clinicians individual attention. They took the time to talk to each child and to help drive home the point of all the drills. Several times a student or 2 would be pulled away to practice something a little deeper and was always given credit for a job well done. I loved the positive reinforcement and I loved how well my daughter was taken care of. She was the slowest swimmer but still walked away feeling like a winner due to the positive words and high fives the clinicians gave to her. She came home each night singing their praises, reading swimming magazines and practicing her new skills in our backyard pool. It is awesome to see!! Many thanks for the time you took with my children. I can’t express how positive this clinic was to help motivate my children to learn more, to try harder and to be the best they can be. Thanks for taking such great care of my kids and we will be back next time!

My older son benefited most from the butterfly day. He said the drill of butterfly arms and flutter kick helped him to position his body in the water better.

My youngest benefited from the backstroke day the most. She was able to improve her body position and her flip turns greatly!

  • Cara Smith
  • Long Island, NY