Amazing staff and exceptional coaches. We are so grateful to Coaches Jack Roach and Clark Smith for their sharing of their incredible expertise. My son really appreciated all of the individualized and focused technical attention and skill building. Also, they are incredible role models — really inspirational.

Coach Roach, you are an incredible teacher and mentor; we are so grateful for your sharing of your expertise and experience with Anderson. Like so many swimmers over the past months, he has been disappointed by the abrupt end to the spring racing season and the cancellation of the summer long course season, and your guidance and focus on the bigger picture really helped him to get reinvigorated to give it his all and reach for the stars as an everyday practice and mindset. Coach Smith, you are an incredible athlete, coach and role model, and Anderson patterned after you and came back each day talking about all the ways that you practice being a professional athlete, from diet to training. Also, you both are so kind and approachable, that it really felt like home to be working with you both. Plus, Anderson was completely starstruck with you both and was so reassured by your kindness and generosity with him. We wish you both all the best success!

  • North Potomac, MD
  • July 5-11: Comprehensive Freestyle Racing Camps