St. Leon, IN

Past Clinic: High Performance Technique for Faster Racing

Sat, Sep, 16 2017

East Central High School
1 Trojan Road, St. Leon, IN 47012

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Past Clinic

Get ahead of the competition at this High Performance Swim Clinic focusing on techniques to help you race FASTER. The best swimmers in the world are inquisitive and they constantly focus on the fundamentals of perfect form. Find the right technique for YOU to maximize your performance with Olympic Gold Medalist Tyler Clary!

Tyler will lead two sessions designed for competitive swimmers of all ages and ability levels:

Scroll down for details on the curriculum. Space is limited!

11 & Under Curriculum: 
The Fundamentals of Fast Swimming

The MOST MISSED OPPORTUNITY for faster swimming is forgetting about the key fundamentals of techqiue. Tyler Clary will help swimmers age 11 and under understand the details that separate the good swimmers from the great by going through the foundations. Take the time to learn these components and you'll be amazed at the difference that it makes.

  • Body Position: The way that you hold your body in the water is key to every aspect of swimming. Knowing and understanding which muscles to hold strong and which to relax can help you ride higher and faster in the water. Tyler will help all swimmers feel this proper position and he will also teach them drills to practice and improve their body position. 

  • Streamline: The streamline is SO MUCH MORE than just putting your hands together above your head! A tight and strong streamline activates specific muscles throughout your body so that you can improve the effectiveness of your start and turn. Tyler Clary will teach you the tricks that he uses to keep his body tight and strong in his streamline position to slice through the water faster. The thought and effort that you put into this position will help you reduce drag and go faster!!

  • Feel for the Water: The fastest swimmers in the world have developed an sensitivity to feeling the water. They use this sensitivity to help them feel the most powerful position to push themselves through the water as well as ways that they can reduce drag. This ability to understand yourself and your position in the water only can be developed through persistant practice. Let Tyler teach you this skill!

12 & Over Curriculum: 

High Performance Turns and Breakouts

Improving your walls are the FASTEST way to drop time. Most swimmers don't know the key components of proper technqiue in open turns, flip turns, and breakouts. Learn from one of the FASTEST swimmers IN THE WORLD at this swim clinic designed to take your swimming to the next level. 

  • Open Turns: The open turn is often done incorrectly. Extra movements are added in that slow swimmers down. Keep it simple by spinning backwards and keeping your elbows in close. If you listen closely to Tyler; he will show you how he became the fastest swimmer in the country through the turn. 

  • Flip Turns: The precision required to have fast turns can be overwhelming, but Tyler Clary describes each component in a way that makes it seem easy! Learn to accelerate into the wall so that you can carry your momentum through the turn and get ahead of the competition. Tyler Clary has an Olympic gold medal due to his discipline and focus when executing a proper flip turn. Practice drills and exercises to help you master this athletic skill. 

  • Breaststroke Pullouts: Tyler Clary will teach participants technique for faster and more efficient pullouts so that you can breakout ahead of the competition. Learn to hold your body tight and shoot forward at the perfect time to maximize your speed off of every wall. 

  • Breakouts: It is SO important to be able to take the speed off of each wall and carry it into your swimming. Learn how to explode into your breakout with a streamlined and powerful first stroke. Efficiency is key in learning the optimal breakout technique. 

ASK QUESTIONS: Swimmers and parents are invited to ask Tyler questions during a Q&A session. Gain insight into his training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.

WATCH THE CLINICIAN: Observe Tyler Clary swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast swimming.

PUT YOUR SKILLS TO THE TEST: Practice what you've learned by taking your stroke to your top speed with one of the best swimmers in the world! Hold on to your form while having the opportunity to challenge yourself

Take a photo while wearing Tyler's medals, get autographs, and a gift from TYR Sport!

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