Gladstone, MO

High Performance Starts, Underwater Dolphin Kicking and Freestyle

Sun, Apr, 30 2017

Gladstone, MO

An effective way for fast swimmers to get even faster is to practice their starts and underwater dolphin kicking in every practice and race. Olympian Alyssa Anderson will teach you the key components to enhance your overall race performance! PLUS, Alyssa will review the crucial skills to an efficient freestyle!

FLAT STARTS: Set the tone for a great race with a powerful, streamlined and fast start. There are countless intricacies to performing a great start and you only get better with practice; our world class clinician will share stories on how she found time to practice and improve her starts both in and out of the water and then she'll teach you some of their favorite strategies on how to execute this explosive and athletic movement.

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    UNDERWATER DOLPHIN KICKING: Absolutely, undeniably, the fastest way to move through the water! Whether you dolphin kick on your stomach, side or back, understanding the importance of streamlined, underwater speed is vital for every swimmer! Alyssa Anderson will teach you how to make the most of your streamline and underwater kicking, as well as teach you drills on how to improve upon those skills.

    • Body Position: The simplest way to maintain your speed is a TIGHT STREAMLINE! Our world-class athlete will reinforce to you why they NEVER take streamlining for granted. Every fast swimmer must look like a rocket when they push off the wall! 
    • Core Driven: Not a single great dolphin kicker kicks from their knees down! Alyssa will instruct you on how to engage your kick from the core, utilizing your chest press and hip drive to create a fluid undulating motion.
    • Kick Count/Frequency: Take advantage of every single kick for better training and racing! Learn to use the up AND down portion of the dolphin kick for better distance per kick. Smart racers know their kick count off the start and the walls. We will help you create a goal for how many kicks you should hold yourself accountable to now, and in the future, as you improve. .

    FREESTYLE: Freestyle has evolved from a long reaching, over rotated stroke with a kick from anywhere between two to six beats into a higher tempo, more forward driven and assertive stroke. Olympian Alyssa Anderson will hammer home why an early catch is crucial, how to combine extension and rotation to find your ideal stroke length and how to use your legs as a powerful engine to propel you down the pool.

    • BODY POSITION: Instead of relying on your kick to keep your hips high, learn skills and drills elite swimmers rely on to keep a horizontal body position throughout a race.
    • KICK: Embrace the six beat kick! This strong, steady kick just at the surface will become the engine that drives you forward.
    • PULL: Utilize an early vertical forearm to put pressure backwards on the water immediately upon entry to help propel you forward.
    ASK QUESTIONS:  Swimmers and parents are invited to ask Alyssa questions during a Q&A session. Hear her talk and gain insight into her training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.

    WATCH THE CLINICIAN: Observe Alyssa swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast freestyle and breaststroke.

    GET UP AND RACE: Race one of the best swimmers in the world and watch her near-flawless technique - achieved by practicing the same drills she will teach you.

    Take a photo while wearing clinicians' medals, get autographs, and pick up a full color Fitter & Faster Tour 2016-2017 Yearbook and a special welcome bag that contains gifts from our sponsors!

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