League City, TX

Past Clinic: High Performance Sprint Vs. Distance Freestyle

Sat, Sep, 08 2018

Clear Falls High School
4380 Village Way, League City, TX 77573

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Past Clinic

Event Detail

At this high performance freestyle swim clinic, your swimmer will learn how to get more out of every stroke, achieve the right tempo to maximize speed, and stroke techniques to DROP TIME in every race from the 50 to the mile! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Olympic gold medalist Clark Smith who specializes in teaching essential components of racing fast!

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Clark Smith will lead two sessions designed for competitive swimmers of all ages and ability levels. There will also be a special parent’s talk from Olympic parent Eddie Adams at the beginning of each session.


Sprint vs. Distance Freestyle

Did you know that the technique for swimming a fast freestyle changes depending on the distance? Learning how to prioritize tempo vs. length and speed vs. efficiency can make a big difference in maximizing speed in shorter races or increasing endurance in longer races.

  • Arm Pull: Both distance and sprint freestyle strokes should have a long extension and powerful finish, but finding the sweet spot for the right tempo for your swimmer can be difficult. Learn from Clark Smith tips and tricks to get more power out of every arm pull while also achieving the tempo that will help them drop time.
  • Kick: The technique AND the timing in the freestyle kick is SO important! In every race, the kick must connect to the rest of the stroke! Learn how to maximize the speed of every kick!
  • Rotation: What is the driving force behind rotaiton, hips or shoulders? The answer depends on the race you're swimming! Learn when to have a hip driven rotation and when to have a shoulder driven rotation so that your swimmer can race a faster freestyle no matter what distance they're swimming.
  • Breath: Both the technique and timing of the breath can have a big impact on a swimmer's freestyle speed. Your swimmer will learn how to maintain a quick and low breath to maintain momentum during the breath stroke. Clark Smith will also work with each swimmer to learn about the right number of breaths in each race!

Distance Per Stroke

Does your swimmer count their strokes? They should! Knowing how many strokes that they take each lap in every strokes is important to knowing how far each stroke takes them so that they can work on improving their length. Olympic gold medalist Clark Smith will work with each swimmer to find ways to get more power and length out of every stroke to improve their DPS and DROP TIME!


    Eddie is the father of two-time Olympian Cammile Adams and he has coached age group and elite swimmers since 1979. He is a four time Texas High School Coach of the Year, has coached 5 Olympic Trials qualifiers, several age group and high school record holders, AND a two time Olympian. Eddie has a unique perspective on swim parenting and coaching and is eager to share his experience and thoughts with parents. At the beginning of each session, after the clinicians do intros, the swimmers will head to the pool to warmup and the parents will go with Eddie for a 30 min talk about being an effective swim parent. Eddie's talk will cover:

    • Handling Expectations: Kids progress at different rates. Some swimmers achieve a high level of success at a very early age while others don't develop until later on. How do you handle not only your own expectations, but also your swimmer's expectations about where they should be throughout their year to maximize results and fulfillment in the sport.
    • The Coach/Parent Dynamic: The coach and parent role in a swimmer's career is a support system to ensure that the swimmer feels set up to be successful. How much should each party be involved in different areas to lift up the swimmer? Eddie will go over the different dynamics and how you can do your best to do your part in supporting your swimmer.
    • Q&A: Ask the father of a two-time Olympian anything about how he was able to help in the path to success for both Cammile and her (also fast) twin sister Ashley. Relate to his story and find new ways to give your swimmer the best chance at success.


    Swimmers and parents are invited to ask Clark Smith questions during a Q&A session. Gain insight into his training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.


    Observe Clark Smith swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast swimming.


    Practice what you've learned by taking your stroke to your top speed with one of the best swimmers in the world! Hold on to your form while having the opportunity to challenge yourself.

    Take a photo while wearing Clark's medals, get autographs, and a gift from TYR Sport!

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