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SUGGEST PARTICIPANTS: This clinic session is recommended for swimmers ages 10 and under.

If you are age 11 to 13, you may register to participate in the 11-13 Essentials Clinic
If you are 14 or older, you may register to participate in the 14 & Over High Performance Clinic

COACHES: There are up to four spots available in the hands-on coaches program. If you are interested in meeting with and working alongside Connor Jaeger during the clinic, please contact us.


NOW is the time to build a foundation of proper form. As a young swimmer, the habits that you develop will stay with you for the rest of your swimming career. Swimming correctly not only helps you swim faster and more efficiently, but it also helps prevent injury! Connor will teach you the drills and skills to build a solid freestyle stroke through a progression of drills designed to make your practices more intentional, beneficial, and FUN! 

  • Body Position: The way you hold your body as you move through the water is so important. Being streamlined and straight through your core reduces drag while engaging your core connects the aspects of the stroke so that your whole body is working together. Learn proper body position to swim higher and slice through the water like a knife. 
  • Kick: What do strawberries and blueberries have to do with freestyle?! We'll let Connor explain that one! The kick is a complex aspect of the stroke. Practice engaging your whole leg and your core to get power in both directions of the kick. The timing is also paramount to swimming a connected freestyle. Learn when and how your kick fits into your stroke. 
  • Feel for the Water: When you watch Olympic swimmers, they seem to have a 6th sense for feeling the water. This is a skill developed after years of practice and drills. Learn to apply appropriate pressure on the water with both your hand and your forearm with a variety of sculling techniques. Learning and practicing proper sculling will not only enhance your feel for the water but will also build tremendous hand and forearm strength.
  • Think Differently: Change the way you think about drills and practice. Focus on what you are doing and how it's getting you closer to achieving your goals. Improvement in the sport of swimming is all in the details. Elevate your focus and elevate your performance!

ASK QUESTIONS: Swimmers and parents are invited to ask Connor Jaeger questions during a Q&A session. Hear him talk and gain insight into his training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.

WATCH THE CLINICIAN: Observe Connor swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast stroke. 

GET UP AND RACE: Race one of the best swimmers in the world and watch his near-flawless technique - achieved by practicing the same drills he will teach you.

Take a photo with Connor's medals, get autographs, and pick up a full color Fitter & Faster Tour 2016-2017 Yearbook and a special welcome bag that contains gifts from our sponsors!

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