Columbus, OH

Past Clinic: Elite Video Filming and Analysis

Sat, Apr, 20 2019

Columbus School for Girls
65 South Drexel Avenue, Columbus, OH 43209

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Past Clinic


Get the same video analysis as the Pros!

Have your swimmer’s stroke professionally filmed SIMULTANEOUSLY at strategic angles below and above water! THEN, have your video analyzed with voice over and graphics on the actual video by Olympic Coach Todd Schmitz. Schmitz has coached six swimmers to Olympic teams – including Olympic superstar Missy Franklin from the time she was 9-years old through the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.

Registrants can have one, two, or ALL FOUR strokes analyzed! Each participant will also receive one free month of Swim Videos on Demand! Scroll down for more details.

Suggested Participants

SAVE – Sign up before prices rise or we sell out!

Swimmers of all ages and abilities are welcome to sign up to have their stroke professionally filmed and analyzed.



Do you want to know why swimmers times began dropping so drastically in the early 2000s and continuing through today? The answer is video analysis! Since so much of the stroke happens below water – it is incredibly important to see what’s going on below the surface! Swimmers in recent years have been able to analyze their stroke with coaches to make technical changes that make them more efficient. This is your opportunity to get beautiful footage of your stroke and get analysis from one of the top coaches in the world... and review at home with your coach.

    FILMING DAY - April 20th

    The team of professional videographers who shot the videos for Fitter and Faster's Swim Videos On Demand are coming to Columbus, OH to capture a video below and above water of your swimmer. Then, that video will be passed to Olympic coach Todd Schmitz. He will analyze and provide detailed information for you. Here's how the process will work:

    • Sign up: Select to have one stroke filmed. Or, SAVE by choosing to have two, or all four strokes filmed. Select either Filming Session 1 (between 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM) or Filming Session 2 (between 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM). The "multi-stroke options" can not be split between more than one swimmer.
    • Order Number: Please retain the order number that is sent in your confirmation email after registration. An email will be sent to all participants on Friday April 12th, listing the time everyone who has registered needs to arrive for warmup and filming. These lists will only identify the swimmers by "order number" and their initials.
    • Arriving at the Pool: When you arrive at the pool, you will be greeted by Fitter and Faster staff who will instruct you on exactly how the filming will work.
    • Warm Up: Swimmers will have an opportunity to warm up before filming. This is strongly recommended to get an accurate recording of each swimmer.
    • Filming: Our camera operator will have each swimmer swim two 25s at a strong pace of each stroke purchased (1, 2, or 4). The filming of each stroke should take a little less than three minutes. The video will capture a side angle and a front angle simultaneously below and above water to get an accurate view of your swimmer's technique.
    • High Quality Footage: The cameras used in this shoot are the same ones used in the filming of Fitter and Faster's Swim Videos on Demand!


    The video captured at the filming day will then be sent to Olympic coach and age group coach of Missy Franklin Todd Schmitz to be analyzed.

    • Analysis: Todd Schmitz will use a video analysis application to record his thoughts on each video. Swimmers can expect him to use slow motion, pause the video at specific points, and draw on their video all while talking to explain where each swimmer can improve their technique. Each stroke will have 5 to 7 minutes of expert commentary that you can review with your coaches at home!
    • Drill Recommendations: Todd will make recommendations for drills to correct the technique of each swimmer. He will assign specific drill videos in Swim Videos on Demand that he suggests the swimmer practice to improve. Each participant is getting a free month of Swim Videos on Demand to use to make their necessary stroke corrections.
    • Timeline: Videos will be analyzed in the order in which people sign up! The first people to sign up will be the first to get their analysis back! All videos will be completely and thoroughly analyzed and sent back to the participants via email within 21 days of filming.
    • Example: See the example video below to see the quality of the video and an example of the analysis.


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