Dallas, TX

2021 Explosive Performance Swim Camp Series

Sat, Aug, 21 2021 - Sun, Oct, 17 2021

Semones Family YMCA
4332 Northhaven Rd, Dallas, TX 75229


October 16-17, 2021: High Performance Speed & Power/Sprinting Camp-Sign up for individual sessions or SAVE when you purchase a Bundle! 

Developing faster strokes takes a lot more than just working on the technique. There are strategies and training methods that elite athletes use to become more efficient with their strokes in order to create more power and speed. Participants will work with Elite Clinician John Shebat to develop essential skills to improve in these key areas of swimming that apply to every stroke and race. 

 Saturday, October 16:

  • 12 & Over -Developing Power & Dynamic Warmup (Check in 12:15 PM,  Clinic 12:30-3:30 PM)
  • 11 & Under- How to swim a fast 100 (Check in 8:45 AM, Clinic 9-11:30 AM)

Sunday, October 17: 

  • 12 & Over: Speed, Dryland & Recovery (Check in 12:15 PM,  Clinic 12:30-3:30 PM)
  • 11 & Under: How to swim a fast 50 (Check in 8:45 AM, Clinic 9-11:30 AM)

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Session sizes are limited to 24 participants to ensure the highest level learning experience!

Suggested Participants

These camps are designed for swimmers with a minimum of one-year of competitive swimming experience all the way up to AAAA times and faster. Swimmers younger than 9 years old are not invited without submitting their times or swimming history to Fitter and Faster.



While strength training helps swimmers get stronger, working on power exercises in the water helps to strengthen swimming specific movements. Developing power will help participants be more efficient and stronger in the water!

  • IMPROVING POWER IN STROKE TECHNIQUE: Swimmers are taught drag is bad! However, ADDING resistance as a training tool causes swimmers to alter their technique and highlight any deficiencies. Removing that resistance then allows swimmers to feel those differences in technique and build power in their stroke technique. John will take the swimmers through some resistance training techniques during this camp!
  • RESISTANCE TRAINING: Resistance not only helps expose places to strengthen technique but also is a huge way to build power. Hand paddles, rubber tubing with a belt, even swimming with a T-shirt and shoes in the water can help add resistance and develop power!
  • DYNAMIC WARM UP: Get ready for every practice and competition with a short dynamic warm up routine! John will take participants through a combination of light cardio exercises and dynamic stretches. This is an excellent way to get the blood flowing to the muscles and loosen joints to prepare for training and racing. Being properly warmed up will also help prevent injuries.

October 16 (11 & Under): How to swim A FAST 100

Swimming a 100-yard race requires a unique strategy and planning for fast racing. Technique is tweaked to provide more power for the event, and taking advantage of the start and streamline off each wall has a larger impact. Trying to find the perfect balance between staying underwater, maintaining speed on the surface, and keeping a strong breathing pattern is difficult but doable!

  • DISTANCE PER STROKE: One way to increase efficiency is to take fewer strokes. Counting the number of strokes and improving technique to decrease that number will save energy. However, it may be faster to take more strokes per length depending on the event.
  • TEMPO: Having a slower tempo allows swimmers to conserve energy by taking fewer strokes, while a faster tempo is exhausting but much faster. Changing tempo based on event distance and fatigue level will help participants swim as fast as possible.
  • PACE: Pacing for races 100 yards or meters can be broken up many ways. Our clinicians will present different strategies on how to swim 100s: Experimenting and learning new techniques will allow swimmers to improve their 100 in any event!

October 17 (12 & Over): SPEED, DRYLAND, AND RECOVERY

Swimmers can significantly change their race strategy by adjusting just two aspects of their stroke - distance per stroke and tempo. John Shebat will coach swimmers to help their tempo and speed, as well as review, changes dryland exercises designed specifically for developing strength and power in swimmers as well as techniques for recovery from dryland and swimming workouts.

  • DISTANCE PER STROKE: One way to increase efficiency is to take fewer strokes. Counting the number of strokes and improving technique to decrease that number will save energy. On the other side, it may be faster to take more strokes per length, especially in shorter events.
  • TEMPO: A swimmers tempo is how fast or slow they complete each stroke. Changing tempo based on event distance and fatigue level will help swimmers swim as fast as possible.
  • DRYLAND FOR SWIMMING: Dryland training is designed to build strength, increase flexibility and become a more well-rounded and agile athlete. Swimmers will learn age-appropriate, simple bodyweight exercises that will strengthen their core and major muscle groups to complement the training done in the pool.
  • MAINTAINING TECHNIQUE THROUGH FATIGUE: When swimmers get tired, it’s the easy choice to revert to sloppy technique in order to make the interval and finish the set. Choosing to focus on technique through fatigue is the difficult decision, but more beneficial in the long run. Participants will learn from John how to handle fatigue in practice and races.

October 17 (11 & Under): How to swim A FAST 50

The splash and dash! Swimming the 50 is all about perfectly executing the details of the race and swimming with explosive power. In this session, swimmers will work with John Shebat to find ways to be more explosive in their stroke technique and sprint faster in their shorter races!

  • SPRINTING: Sprinting is all about swimming with “controlled aggression!” John will demonstrate how to swim with power, while also being relaxed - having too much tension will make your swimmer slip in the water and slow down. Swimmers will observe how to tweak their stroke to make them quick yet efficient - increasing tempo, shortening the breath, and a strong connected kick will lead to an explosive race!
  • UNDERWATER DOLPHIN KICKING: The fastest swimmers know how to weaponize their dolphin kicking. It is undeniably the fastest way to move through the water! Whether a swimmer dolphin kicks on their stomach, side, or back, understanding the importance of streamlined, underwater speed is vital for every swimmer!
  • FINISHES: Races can be won or lost by hundredths of a second, and many races come down to the last few strokes. Your swimmer will learn how to use their kick to accelerate into the wall, time their stroke for a perfect arm extension, and keep their head down so they don’t waste any time or strokes as they approach the wall.


Swimmers and parents are invited to ask their Elite Clinicians questions during a Q&A session. Gain insight into their training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.


Observe the clinicians swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast swimming.


Swimmers will get to practice what they've learned by taking their stroke to your top speed with some of the best swimmers in the world! They'll work on holding onto their form while challenging themselves.

Take a photo with your Elite Clinicians, get autographs, and ALL PARTICIPANTS receive a FREE Fitter and Faster Swim Cap!

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