Madison, NJ

2021 High Performance Swim Camp Series

Sat, May, 22 2021 - Sun, Sep, 12 2021

Madison Community Pool (Outdoor)
105 Rosedale Ave, Madison, NJ 07940


High Performance Swim Camp SeriesSAVE by signing up both days of one camp or multiple days across multiple camps!

This swim camp series is comprised of two,  2-day swim camps focused on elite-level skills in key areas of racing fast! Participants will work with our world-class clinicians to maximize their freestyle speed and efficiency at the first camp. At the second camp, participants will work on the strategy in their 100 and 200 races to drop time! 

May 22-23: Comprehensive Freestyle Racing Camp
September 11-12: Race Strategy Camp: 100’s & 200’s

Session sizes are limited to no more than 24 participants to ensure the highest level learning experience!

Scroll down for more details on the curriculum!

Session Times (All Days):
Group B: Check in 9 AM, Clinic 9:15-11:45 AM
Group A: Check in 12:45 PM, Clinic 1-4 PM

Suggested Participants

Groups are based on swimmers’ 100 yard freestyle time
– Group A: Boys 1:03 and faster, Girls 1:04 and faster
– Group B: Boys 1:04-1:27, Girls 1:05-1:29



Swimmers will take their training and racing to the next level at this comprehensive freestyle racing camp! On Saturday, participants will focus on the mechanics of a smooth and powerful freestyle to become faster and more efficient swimmers. Then on Sunday, participants will work on developing speed, focusing on distance per stroke vs tempo, pacing, and a freestyle training set. This camp will be led by two-time Olympian Joao de Lucca!


    Creating and cultivating good habits will not only make swimmers faster but will also reduce the risk for injuries in the long term. Olympian Joao de Lucca will be in the water and on deck leading participants through a progression of freestyle drills. These will allow them to deepen their understanding of each part of the stroke and help create good habits for fast and efficient freestyle technique.

    • BODYLINE: Swimmer’s freestyle will never be fast without a strong bodyline. Participants will reinforce good posture and engage their core to have a strong foundation for a faster freestyle.
    • ROTATION: Participants will learn to utilize their rotation to form more connection and power out of every pull and kick.
    • KICK: A fast kick is the motor behind a swimmer's stroke! Participants will polish up their kicking to become stronger and faster through learning about both the technique and timing of each kick.
    • PULL: The best swimmers in the world utilize an early vertical forearm to put immediate pressure back on the water. Joao will work with swimmers on how to get maximum extension and a powerful finish to the stroke!
    • BREATH: Joao de Lucca will work with the participants on how to make each breath more efficient for faster freestyle racing no matter what distance.


    The technique for swimming a fast freestyle race changes depending on the distance. Learning how to prioritize tempo vs. length and speed vs. efficiency can make a big difference in maximizing speed in shorter races or increasing endurance in longer races. The session will also include a training set designed to challenge swimmers and complement the technical foundation developed on day one.

    • DISTANCE PER STROKE: Depending on a swimmer's race, their distance per stroke might change. Longer distances require extended, efficient strokes to save energy. Shorter events might need to have to increase the number of strokes taken to go faster. Participants will work with our clinicians to discover the proper stroke counts for different event lengths.
    • TEMPO: Swimmers' tempo is how fast or slow they complete each stroke. Slower tempos allow swimmers to conserve energy by taking fewer strokes. Faster tempos are tiring but much faster. Changing tempo based on event distance and fatigue level will help participants swim as fast as possible.
    • PACING: At this session, Olympian de Lucca will help participants refine their stroke count and tempo to limit fatigue and increase efficiency to race faster in any distance!
    • TRAINING FREESTYLE: Also included in this session is an elite workout designed by Joao and the Fitter and Faster Coaching Team. This workout is specifically designed to challenge your swimmer’s freestyle and help identify strengths and weaknesses in their training, which will ultimately transfer into becoming a better racer!
    SEPTEMBER 11-12: RACE STRATEGY CAMP: 100’S & 200’S

    Swimmers at this camp will focus on developing a strong race strategy for events 100 and 200 yards in any stroke. By learning how to vary components of technique, pacing, and tempo, participants can take their racing to the next level in any stroke. Saturday will focus on events 200 yards in length. Sunday will focus on swimming a fast 100 yard race.


      Races over 200 yards and meters are some of the most fun to swim and TO watch because of the wide variety of strategies that swimmers can use. Some swimmers will take the race out very fast and hope to hang on at the finish, some will save their energy and finish strong, while others will hit consistent splits to balance those two strategies. Our Elite Clinicians will help participants see which strategy works the best for their swimming as well as how to implement that plan for faster racing.

      • DISTANCE PER STROKE: One way to increase a swimmer’s efficiency is to take fewer strokes. Counting the number of strokes and improving technique to decrease that number will save energy. Participants will work with our elite clinicians to find the appropriate distance per stroke for their 200.
      • TEMPO: A swimmer’s tempo is how fast or slow they complete each stroke. Slower tempo allows swimmers to conserve energy by taking fewer strokes. Faster tempos are more tiring but much faster. Changing tempo based on event distance and fatigue level will help participants swim as fast as possible.
      • PACING: Every swimmer strategizes their 200 yard races differently! Our clinicians will demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the main pace approaches. Whether participants like to go out hard or finish strong, having a pre-race strategy will help make sure they are ready to swim each race confidently!


      Swimming 100-yard races require unique strategy and planning for fast racing. Technique is tweaked to provide more power for the event, and taking advantage of the start and streamline off each wall has a larger impact. Trying to find the balance between underwaters, breathing patterns, and sprinting are key to having a fast 100! The Elite Clinicians will work with participants to find this balance and how they can apply it to race faster!

      • SPRINTING: Sprinting is all about swimming with “controlled aggression!” Swimmers will observe and practice how to tweak their stroke to make them quick yet efficient - increasing tempo, shortening the breath, and a strong connected kick will lead to an explosive race!
      • PACING: Pacing for races 100 yards or meters can be broken up many ways. The clinicians will present different strategies on how to swim 100s: Experimenting and learning new techniques will allow swimmers to improve their 100 speed!
      • UNDERWATER DOLPHIN KICKING: The fastest swimmers know how to weaponize their underwater. It's the fastest way to move through the water! Understanding the importance of streamlined underwater speed is vital for every level of swimmer.


      Swimmers and parents are invited to ask their clinicians questions during a Q&A session. Gain insight into their training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.


      Observe your clinicians swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast swimming.


      Swimmers will get to practice what they've learned by taking their stroke to your top speed with some of the best swimmers and coaches in the world! They'll work on holding onto their form while challenging themselves.

      Take a photo with the clinicians, get autographs, and ALL PARTICIPANTS receive a FREE Fitter and Faster Collector’s Bag Tag for each day they are at the camp. Collect all 37 and trade with your friends!

      Inquisitive, Educated Swimmers are Faster Swimmers! Sign up today!