Inside with Brett Hawke: Bowe Becker

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Bowe Becker overcame rheumatoid arthritis and losing his spot in the International Swimming League to become an essential part of Team USA’s winning Men’s 4×100 Freestyle Relay in Tokyo. He went from waiting tables to becoming an Olympic gold medalist. This is his Olympic story. Enjoy!

00:00 Swimming Sponsors

03:15 2016 Trials

05:15 Gideon Louw

06:30 What did Gideon teach you?

08:50 Strength Training with Cal Dietz

10:00 1st Trials finals

11:45 Rheumatoid arthritis

16:30 Gideon leaves, COVID happens

18:00 Losing spot on Cali Condors

19:37 Jonty Skinner

20:40 Mentality, Professionalism

26:15 100 Free

27:00 Prelims to SF to Finals

35:00 4×100 Free Relay

38:45 Wearing the American Flag

42:00 Ready Room stress

43:30 THE Gold Medal

44:00 Olympic Rings tattoo