Inside with Brett Hawke: Jack Roach

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Do Olympic swimmers feel fear and doubt like the rest of us?

Jack Roach has spent over 35 years coaching swimmers of all levels including a robust lineup of world class athletes and Olympians. In today’s episode, he talks to me about life lessons, his growth as a coach and insights gained from observing and working with high performance swimmers. Listen in to find out just what it is that sets high level performers apart from the rest.

“If something you’re telling yourself going into a high-pressure challenge is not true it will be exposed and it will negatively impact your performance. It is never about the doing, it’s always about the being… when we prepare to adjust that’s where we get found and that’s what those folks can do.” – Jack Roach [30:52]

Key Takeaways:

  • Lessons to be learned from the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant
  • How Jack Roach was able to grow as a coach through working with high performance swimmers.
  • The thought processes that set Olympic level swimmers apart.
  • The key to confidence as a swimmer.
  • Why honesty and vulnerability are necessary for success in both swimming and coaching.