Congratulations to Brett Hawke!

By Fitter and Faster Staff

Brett Hawke has been promoted to the new position of Vice President of Swimming Performance and Education at Fitter and Faster Swim Camps!

Hawke is responsible for ensuring Fitter and Faster continues producing the most effective swim camp experiences in the world.

Hawke is just the second ever Vice President the company has ever had, along with Vice President of Business Development, Chloe Sutton. In his position as Development Director of Swim Camps, Hawke helped to enhance the company’s breadth of curriculums, improve the learning experiences of participants and led the growth of the company’s team of professional expert clinicians.

Throughout the pandemic Hawke has been a highly visible and reliable leader inside Fitter and Faster and within the swimming community as a whole providing high performance swimming expertise. In February 2020 Hawke also launched his own podcast called ‘Inside with Brett Hawke’ in which he interviewed more than 100 high achievers in the sport of swimming in less than one year.

“The participants and coaches who attend our camps have benefited so much from Brett Hawke’s fingerprint on everything that we do”, said Fitter and Faster’s Founder and CEO, David Arluck. “Hawke’s deep rooted passion for the sport and our company, coupled with his inquisitive nature, long, successful track record and desire to always improve, enables Fitter and Faster to offer over a thousand world-class experiences for competitive swimmers and coaches annually.”

As an athlete, Hawke is a two-time Olympic swimmer and a three-time Olympic team coach. Hawke was also an NCAA Champion as a swimmer and as the Head Coach with Auburn University. He has coached more athletes to sub 22 second 50 meter freestyle swims than any coach in the history of swimming.

“I’m honored to be receiving a promotion to a senior level executive position within an organization in which I’m proud to work”, said Hawke. “Fitter and Faster is the worldwide leader in swimming performance and education with over 150 clinicians working to teach and inspire future generations of swimmers.  I look forward to continuing to lead and develop new projects within the company that advance the aptitude, skills and performance of swimmers and coaches throughout the world.”

The whole community is so excited about this fantastic promotion for Brett and what it means for all of the swimmers, coaches, parents and teams that work with Fitter and Faster!

Fitter and Faster is dedicated to providing the best learning experiences in the world for swimmers of all ages and abilities!

Congratulations again Brett!!!